SIMON SAYS: Single Review: Be Quiet! Shout Loud – Superheroes

Posted on: October 10th, 2017

Superheroes is the latest single from Teesside pop-rockers Be Quiet! Shout Loud. In recent years the band have favoured synth-pop songs with dollops of dance mixed in, but with the addition of Jamie Donnelly on lead guitar their songs have that even further addition of rock and funk. This works well to full effect in Superheroes; the delightful twangs of guitar sit on top of the signature electro-beauty that BQSL are famous for. The band have given birth to many songs that are like a “call-to-arms” to the listening public to come and dance with them (see You’re Not Sitting In Tonight, for example) and Superheroes is a very welcome member of that mix.

The song sums up the band themselves perfectly, I think. These superheroes of the Teesside music scene have produced hit after hit whilst still proclaiming a togetherness and realism with their audience that money cant buy. It’s consistency that keeps a band popular both with their loyal fans and with new ears, and Superheroes will be yet another song that gets a massive cheer during a BQSL live set.

This is a perfect ‘getting-ready-to-go-out’ song for Friday or indeed any night. In fact, this will be added to my Getting Ready playlist; most likely at the end so that I can leave the house fist forward, Superman-style.

The video to Superheroes is already out there on Youtube and it’s brilliantly made, one of their finest yet (see link below).

How many more brilliant pop-rock gems will come out of the BQSL machine is anyone’s guess, but no-one is actually guessing because you’re too busy twitching those dancing feet and flailing those arms around to this brilliant tune. Superheroes is impossible not to like. If you don’t like it, I don’t think we can be friends. You’re the type of person who puts the milk in with the teabag before you put the hot water in. Go and sit at the back while the rest of us dance at the front to Superheroes!

Superheroes is out on digital release 10th November 2017, so make sure you Like the Be Quiet! Shout Loud facebook page here:

and their Twitter page here:

Watch the excellent music video here:

And make sure you’re at the front for one of these gigs:

27th October 2017 – Bubbles, Ashington
28th October 2017 – Kubar, Stockton
12th November 2017 – The Tavern, Blyth
25th November 2017 – The Georgian Theatre, Stockton

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