SIMON SAYS: EP Review: The Broken Broadcast – Find Us When We Drift

Posted on: October 18th, 2017

Remember that feeling you get when one of your favourite TV series starts another season? That warmth inside that spreads to the tips of your fingers and toes and you don’t realise you’re smiling until someone tells you? Well that’s exactly how I felt when The Broken Broadcast announced their new EP, Find Us When We Drift.

It’s been a few years since their last collection of marvellous melodies, How Not To Cut A Buffalo; an album that still remains a favourite for many music lovers. Ten tracks are on that album, whereas five tracks make up this EP, with assurances of more EP’s to come soon.

The first track, The River, is appropriately named. The ebb and flow of the song structure gives it a very dreamy feel thanks to the excellent use of the percussion. It’s a song that sums up The Broken Broadcast quite well; you feel like you’re going on a journey with them which may be sometimes dark and surreal, but you’re glad to because of the skill of the crew taking you on it means you’ll definitely enjoy the adventure!

The second track, Maps!, focuses on vocals a lot more, using different ranges and studio tricks to give your ears a real treat. Definitely one for listening to with a good pair of headphones!

The third track, Belly Of The Beast, is typical Broken Broadcast fayre; multiple percussion instruments skilfully supporting James Riggall’s commanding but soulful vocals, giving the listener nearly five minutes of pure escapism.

Mules Oxen And Drafthorse is a song that leans back more towards the indie side with a decent measure of electronic keyboard and guitar thrown in. The guitar thread that runs throughout the instrumental break is a pure delight too. This song reminds me of being in the town centre on a really windy day, and you see those mini-tornadoes of leaves and/or rubbish and they dance around you – something beautiful coming together from a flurry of activity and amidst the ordinary things. Definitely my favourite track on the EP.

The last track, Captain Of My Soul, is a track with a slightly different edge. A more simplistic, repetitive drum background with softer vocals pinned together with carefully placed electronic percussion. The way this track is mixed together is first class and borders on being downtempo house music in the best possible way.


Find Us When We Drift is available to pre-order now, and the band might well be playing some of the five delicious newbies at their upcoming gigs at………….well I’m not telling you where, you’ll have to click to Like the facebook page for TBB:

You can get your copy of Find Us When We Drift, also the album How Not To Cut A Buffalo here:


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