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EW Blog:Tom Bainbridge EP Release

Posted on: March 13th, 2018

Words from Tom himself

After months of recording & writing I’ve finally finished my EP “It’s Easy”. You can listen to all 6 tracks on my NEW website now! This is the first song on the EP called “In My Shoes” with a video showcasing some parts played in the song. Hope you enjoy it!

EP Playlist:
See More:

We have seen Tom play live on many occasions and he is an emerging talent who is just growing in strength by the day.  Played and seen on TV Tom is building a serious reputation for himself and we at EW Creative Arts wish him all the success.

Unspoken @ o2 Newcastle

Posted on: March 4th, 2018

Playing the o2 is always a great feeling and for the bands that play there it’s always a memorable one. Female front girl Lisa kilcar does what she does best and deliver great vocals and we could see she really enjoyed the night, as did the other band members. The band is definitely looking the part of late and we wish them all the success for the future.


Marie Marx Band – Micro Tour

Posted on: March 3rd, 2018

Marie Marx Band – Micro Tour

Lets start as we mean to go on! An excellent night of music and talent was had at the Lumpy Pumpkin in Stockton-On-Tees watching a fairly new band perform the first of many micro tour gigs. Their guest performer Andi Grainger who did what he does best and warm the crowd up very nicely opened the night and was just the right person.

Ok, lets have our thoughts: There is no mistaking the quality here with song writing and vocal talents not to mention the beautiful finger picking style of Marie Marx accompanied by Rob who plays acoustic bass and Dave on the Cajon and this combination of talent lifts the songs to a whole new level. ‘Written In The Stars’ was one of the favourites of the evening and was appreciated by a full house singing along. We couldn’t help notice the local support this band has and can only grow in strength over their tour…all the best for the future.

Final word
If you are looking for an evening out and some great original live music then  catch Marie Marx Band at a venue near you. KEEP LIVE MUSIC ALIVE!

EW Blog: Four Colour Ghosts EP Launch Night Review

Posted on: February 26th, 2018

Our Review of the Four Colour Ghosts EP launch party:

Marie Marx band started the night off with what they do best, I delightful melodic flavour to give the night exactly what is needed and set the bar extremely high. Dave Brittle demonstrating his skills on the Cajon drum and Rob doing the same on the acoustic bass, this set a lovely tone for Marie Marx to play and sing. Exceptional vocals and meanigful lyrics their set was well received and I see a bright future for this band.


Singapore Safehouse was the second offering for the night and again these young guys came on and took full advantage of the night and played a complete blinder. A very clever move on the bass side of the gig and we were very impressed. They might be a three-piece band but created a much bigger sound…. quality lads


Moving on to the next artists was The Unspoken Band. An all round quality feel was evident from this band with powerful vocals from Lisa Kilcar, electric drumming, sweet rhythm and the cherry on the top played by their lead guitarist who is no stranger to the guitar and made a big impression. Great band and we at EW wish you all the best for the future.


Ok, here we go…have you seen The Fury Remains before? If not, why? These guys rocked the night and did exactly what a great main guest act does and that’s get the venue on its feet. With a thunderous sound that filled every corner of the room it was clear these guys are pro musicians with a clear understanding of each other members jobs. Fantastic performance and a pleasure to watch.


So we come to the main act of the night the Four Colour Ghosts. Right from the start Lewis opens the night with a very cool ambient sound that gave chills to the whole venue building up to their first track ‘ Fly’. An explosive sound that instantly says ‘HERE WE ARE’ with the amazing Rob Moore who owned the drums and Paul Brown playing the bass beautifully that’s exactly how it’s done. From past experience we are already aware of the quality of AJs vocals and his

writing ability. He is one frontman that knows how to engage with his fans

with a delightful set of songs that could only be described as a perfect balance. These guys just go from strength to strength and we do feel they have a bright future in the music industry. We could see from the audience that their new songs were well received and the room was well engaged. Epic night and the Ghosts delivered an outstanding performance and are consistent in their art. On a final note we must mention the skills of Lewis Jeffrey’s who plays with heart and passion…well done the Ghosts.



EP Blog : #FCG Music Video

Posted on: February 1st, 2018

WOW! check out the new music video from Four Colour Ghosts.  Powerful stuff…well done that band.

EW Blog: EP Launch Night

Posted on: January 27th, 2018

After a sell out EP and album launch in 2016 and 2017 the Four Colour Ghosts are back with a new EP for 2018 and looking at the current ticket sales it’s going to be another big show. The Teesside band known for their own style of Alt/prog/rock music is all set to rock the Studio in Hartlepool on the 24th of February 2018 and is joined with local rockers The Fury Remain, Unspoken, Singapore Safehouse and the Maria Marx Band.

Tickets still available at

SIMON SAYS: Gig review – Son Of Dave, The Green Room, Stockton, 10th November 2017

Posted on: November 15th, 2017

The Green Room in Stockton is a little gem of the north-east of England. Tucked away behind its big brother, The Georgian Theatre, it holds around 100 people but has a stage big enough to accommodate most band sizes, which means it will make for a deliciously intimate gig with great sound. The walls are adorned with paintings, photos, curious, and signed memorabilia from all over the world which just adds to the friendly relaxed atmosphere.
All of that makes it easier to part with money to see gigs there, but even more so when the likes of Son Of Dave play there. I was eager to see this guy play his unique blend of percussion blues, especially supported by brand new Teesside supergroup, Dark Passenger.

Dark Passenger is made up of Stu and Glen, two members of recently defunct alt-rock group The Purnells, along with multi-band drummer extraordinaire Paul. As a frontman, Stu was rarely matched in his level of performing and keeping the attention of all who saw The Purnells, and this Dark Passenger venture is no different. His smooth but commanding vocals along with his skilled harmonica and acoustic guitar playing brought each new song to life. Glen and Paul don’t so much as accompany Stu with their effortless skill but more so make the band one awesome-sounding unit, with Glen able to pick up various types of guitar and play them like he was born to do it and Paul able to make most drummers green with envy as he mastered complex techniques in the songs.

Dark Passenger take the very best bits of dirty blues, bluegrass, goth, and rock’n’roll and deliver them perfectly. In fact, don’t take my word for it; at the end of one song a cry of “YYESSS!!” came from Son Of Dave listening backstage, summing up what we all thought – a hugely impressive debut gig from Dark Passenger.

After a short break to cool down, the buzzing crowd jostled back into position to welcome Son Of Dave onstage. This beat-boxing, multi-percussion playing Canadian seemed right at home as he sat on a stool surrounded by the latest loop-pedal tech and old suitcases. Although common sense would tell you the opposite, every song he played seemed off-the-cuff as he picked up and put down harmonicas, bells, and anything else he could lay his hands or lips on. It was a real privilege to see such a skilled artiste at work. Most songs were from his latest album, Music From Cop Shows, although he treated us by inserting verses from classic pop songs now and then. He likes his props too; he put his own set of disco lights at the front of the stage so that “y’all know what I have to put up with” and set out a table and chair front of stage complete with a blow-up skeleton, and also offered from his suitcase “thirty fake Yankee dollars to anyone who gets a conga going in this next song!” All of which added to an already brilliant evening of watching the highest level of musical skills performed in a great venue.

At the time of writing this, Son Of Dave is halfway through a UK tour with Manchester, Sheffield, Stowmarket, Norwich, Nottingham, Reading, Brighton, and London still to come. You’d be missing out in a huge way if you didn’t grab a ticket quickly.

You can get more details of his tour and latest album by clicking here:


and make sure you don’t miss Dark Passenger’s next gig by clicking here:

SIMON SAYS: Gig review – Vinyl – Riverside Lounge, Stockton

Posted on: October 23rd, 2017

It’s not often you get two art forms on the same night in the same place, photography and live music, but that’s what each Vinyl event offers; an exhibition of photography in one half of the venue by local photographers, and three bands playing live in the other half.

I was looking forward to the third Vinyl, as I’d had to miss the first two and I’d heard good feedback from friends. It was held in yet another new gig venue in Stockton – The Riverside Lounge, which is the downstairs part of the excellent EDGE bar.

I arrived not long after doors opened and the room was half-full already with people buzzing around the exhibits or buzzing around setting up and soundchecking onstage. I didn’t recognise most of the people there, which to me is a good thing because it means more people coming out to join the live event community in Teesside. I did know a few people though, and it was good to catch up with some familiar faces, including co-organiser Ian Allcock, Lorraine Richardson, rockster Phil Smith, and our compere for the night Andi Grainger.

I had plenty of time before the first band was due on, so I perused the collections of photographs by Tracy Doran and Nichola Dektereff, with additional pieces of art from Lauren Elise and Lauren Duncan. The photos were all live action shots of bands onstage. Tracy Doran really captures the spirit of the live show with her work, managing to get the shot when the performer is the peak of their set. Nichola Dektereff’s pieces were more ‘arty’ shots, concentrating more on colours, tones and shades.

There were a few additional masterpieces including Lauren Duncan’s fantastic wall showpiece of a silhouetted girl and butterflies made from Vinyl records along with two portraits by Lauren Elise of Amy Winehouse and David Bowie, which had already sold before I’d finished my first drink.

Speaking of which I was impressed with the venue too; drinks are fairly priced, and the whole place has that basement feel to it with it’s low ceilings and pillars. Even though the place was packed there was still plenty of room to move among the artwork, and in the gig room it’s half-seating half-standing which seemed to suit everyone.

The first band, Singapore Safehouse, managed to draw in most of the people from the artwork area with their exciting songs. They seem more mature and stylish each time I see them play, although Jacob’s voice is not quite commanding enough to be heard over the band.

Hivemind were up next, a band I’d not seen before, coming all the way from Sunderland. They’re a female-fronted four piece that rock out with an edge. The songs are delivered with measured emotion, with each band member clearly displaying their individual prowess whilst at the same time gelling together well.

Twister finished the night off with a bang, as usual. The power-rock band have all the ingredients there to be superstars, and are gaining quite a following wherever they go.

I left with a big smile on my face, and I’m glad to have finally broken my Vinyl virginity. The whole event made me feel like I’d really got my money’s worth…..oh, wait, it was free entry! Even better!

The next Vinyl is on November 17th at The Riverside Lounge, Stockton and will showcase artwork from Neil Jackson, Janice Foley, Ian Allcock, and Lauren Duncan, with live sets from The Broken Broadcast, Marie Marx Band, and Run The River.

SIMON SAYS: EP Review: The Broken Broadcast – Find Us When We Drift

Posted on: October 18th, 2017

Remember that feeling you get when one of your favourite TV series starts another season? That warmth inside that spreads to the tips of your fingers and toes and you don’t realise you’re smiling until someone tells you? Well that’s exactly how I felt when The Broken Broadcast announced their new EP, Find Us When We Drift.

It’s been a few years since their last collection of marvellous melodies, How Not To Cut A Buffalo; an album that still remains a favourite for many music lovers. Ten tracks are on that album, whereas five tracks make up this EP, with assurances of more EP’s to come soon.

The first track, The River, is appropriately named. The ebb and flow of the song structure gives it a very dreamy feel thanks to the excellent use of the percussion. It’s a song that sums up The Broken Broadcast quite well; you feel like you’re going on a journey with them which may be sometimes dark and surreal, but you’re glad to because of the skill of the crew taking you on it means you’ll definitely enjoy the adventure!

The second track, Maps!, focuses on vocals a lot more, using different ranges and studio tricks to give your ears a real treat. Definitely one for listening to with a good pair of headphones!

The third track, Belly Of The Beast, is typical Broken Broadcast fayre; multiple percussion instruments skilfully supporting James Riggall’s commanding but soulful vocals, giving the listener nearly five minutes of pure escapism.

Mules Oxen And Drafthorse is a song that leans back more towards the indie side with a decent measure of electronic keyboard and guitar thrown in. The guitar thread that runs throughout the instrumental break is a pure delight too. This song reminds me of being in the town centre on a really windy day, and you see those mini-tornadoes of leaves and/or rubbish and they dance around you – something beautiful coming together from a flurry of activity and amidst the ordinary things. Definitely my favourite track on the EP.

The last track, Captain Of My Soul, is a track with a slightly different edge. A more simplistic, repetitive drum background with softer vocals pinned together with carefully placed electronic percussion. The way this track is mixed together is first class and borders on being downtempo house music in the best possible way.


Find Us When We Drift is available to pre-order now, and the band might well be playing some of the five delicious newbies at their upcoming gigs at………….well I’m not telling you where, you’ll have to click to Like the facebook page for TBB:

You can get your copy of Find Us When We Drift, also the album How Not To Cut A Buffalo here:


SIMON SAYS: Single Review: Be Quiet! Shout Loud – Superheroes

Posted on: October 10th, 2017

Superheroes is the latest single from Teesside pop-rockers Be Quiet! Shout Loud. In recent years the band have favoured synth-pop songs with dollops of dance mixed in, but with the addition of Jamie Donnelly on lead guitar their songs have that even further addition of rock and funk. This works well to full effect in Superheroes; the delightful twangs of guitar sit on top of the signature electro-beauty that BQSL are famous for. The band have given birth to many songs that are like a “call-to-arms” to the listening public to come and dance with them (see You’re Not Sitting In Tonight, for example) and Superheroes is a very welcome member of that mix.

The song sums up the band themselves perfectly, I think. These superheroes of the Teesside music scene have produced hit after hit whilst still proclaiming a togetherness and realism with their audience that money cant buy. It’s consistency that keeps a band popular both with their loyal fans and with new ears, and Superheroes will be yet another song that gets a massive cheer during a BQSL live set.

This is a perfect ‘getting-ready-to-go-out’ song for Friday or indeed any night. In fact, this will be added to my Getting Ready playlist; most likely at the end so that I can leave the house fist forward, Superman-style.

The video to Superheroes is already out there on Youtube and it’s brilliantly made, one of their finest yet (see link below).

How many more brilliant pop-rock gems will come out of the BQSL machine is anyone’s guess, but no-one is actually guessing because you’re too busy twitching those dancing feet and flailing those arms around to this brilliant tune. Superheroes is impossible not to like. If you don’t like it, I don’t think we can be friends. You’re the type of person who puts the milk in with the teabag before you put the hot water in. Go and sit at the back while the rest of us dance at the front to Superheroes!

Superheroes is out on digital release 10th November 2017, so make sure you Like the Be Quiet! Shout Loud facebook page here:

and their Twitter page here:

Watch the excellent music video here:

And make sure you’re at the front for one of these gigs:

27th October 2017 – Bubbles, Ashington
28th October 2017 – Kubar, Stockton
12th November 2017 – The Tavern, Blyth
25th November 2017 – The Georgian Theatre, Stockton